Bon Accord
Music Studio
There's nothing like performing live music.

But getting that music recorded and sounding 
great for distribution can be a challenge- as anyone
who has ever tried can attest to. We can help you 
through the process, providing as much or as little
assistance as you require. From adding a few  fill
tracks or providing mixing assistance  to full service 
recording studio, we can help get your songs sounding great and ready for mastering/production. 


History and Mission
Bon Accord Studio was started in 2004 as a means of producing simple demo CD's for my band and for a few friends. The equipment and recording space have changed over the years, and my lifelong passion for music and learning has fueled the growth of the studio. Recording and mixing music is a labor of love, as is collaborating on projects with various musicians. It's always exciting being involved in the creative process of music production and helping others get the results they want. The tools available for music production today are amazing, but the learning curve for using those tools is just as steep as it ever was. The mission of this studio is to use what I have learned over the years to help others achieve the results they want, using as much or as little assistance as required for the task, while keeping the process as fun and painless as possible.  

Record your dream
 tracks with us